Let’s win back Gloucester and start changing lives again.

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My story

In my family, we know the value of a Labour government. My dad came to Britain from Iran in the 70s in search of a better life. He started from scratch here, raising a young family just as a Labour government came to power.

I got the best start in life, going from my local state school to university. So if growing up in an immigrant family taught me anything, it’s that Labour in power makes a difference.

My name is Sebastian Salek. I’m a community leader, supporting deprived neighbourhoods through Covid and the cost of living crisis. I’ve been a journalist, reporting on Westminster and holding MPs to account. And I’m a councillor, winning the trust of residents and fighting their battles.

To be honest, politics was never really part of the plan. But there used to be an unspoken deal. Whoever you are, show up, work hard, and you’ll have a decent life. The problem is, the Conservatives have torn that deal to shreds.

And people in Gloucester feel that every day, whether you’re working for a pay packet that gets you less and less each month, or you’re a young person whose dream of owning your own home is looking increasingly distant, or you’ve finally retired only to find yourself thinking twice about turning on the heating.

Now it’s time to strive for a city where everyone can get ahead. We need a fighter. And that’s why I’m asking for your support to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Gloucester.

What Gloucester needs is a minimum wage linked to the cost of living, genuinely affordable homes for local people, a city centre fit for the future, and a bold plan to go carbon neutral.

It’s a big dream. But we can do this. So together, let’s win back Gloucester for Labour and start changing lives again.

Campaigning in the Tuffley by-election
Standing in solidarity with striking Muller workers in Stonehouse

My experience

Richard Graham has a majority of 10,277. We can win Gloucester for Labour, but there’s no room for mistakes.

Here’s why I’m the right person for the job:

A track record of winning. I’ve built campaign teams, raised funds, and persuaded voters to elect me as their councillor. We need a candidate with a history of running successful campaigns and beating the Tories.

An elected official. I’m an experienced councillor, fighting hard for vulnerable residents. We need a candidate who can hit the ground running, rather than learning on the job.

An expert in media and digital. We can’t win just by knocking on doors. I’ve been a broadcast journalist, appearing on television and radio every day. Now I advise organisations on their social media strategies. We need a candidate who knows how to win the “air war” as well as the “ground war”.

My vision for Gloucester

1. A destination city. Every other shop in our city centre is empty. Let’s fill those empty shops with independent businesses, co-operatives, and social enterprises, and build a flagship cultural venue to turn Gloucester into a vibrant city that people want to visit.

2. Thriving communities. It’s not just about the city centre. Let’s make sure everyone in Gloucester can access essential services locally, like food shops, doctors, and pharmacies. And let’s connect our communities to each other with a publicly owned bus service that’s reliable and affordable.

A health service we can be proud of. Our NHS in Gloucester is at breaking point. This is about more than reducing waiting lists. Let’s rebuild Gloucestershire Royal as a modern hospital fit for the 21st century.

4. A future for young people. No one should have to leave Gloucester to have a decent life. Let’s create skilled green jobs and build genuinely affordable, quality housing for social rent, private rent, and sale.

I’m proud to be supported by

Cllr Usman Bhaimia

Councillor for Barton and Tredworth

“I worked closely with our last Labour MP, Parmjit Dhanda. He left big boots to fill, but having campaigned with Sebastian, I’m confident he’s the person to win Gloucester for Labour once again.”

Jan Lugg

Former Mayor of Gloucester

“Gloucester needs a Labour MP now more than ever. This is your chance to make it happen.
Sebastian has the skills and experience to kick out the Tories and deliver a new vision for Gloucester.”

Chris Chatterton

Former Mayor of Gloucester

“Gloucester is a special city, but under the Conservatives it’s not reaching its potential. Sebastian has an exciting new vision for Gloucester. I hope Labour members will select him so we can see it become a reality.”

Cllr Darren Paffey

PPC for Southampton Itchen

“Sebastian is a strong campaigner and brilliant at engaging with voters – I saw this first hand when he took time to work hard with us in Southampton during the local election campaign when we went on to beat the Tories and win back the council.

“He is exactly the sort of candidate Labour needs to overturn Richard Graham’s majority. I hope that Labour members will select him so that together they can fight this campaign, elect Sebastian to parliament, and gain a hardworking representative for the people of Gloucester.”

Cllr Grace Williams

Leader of Waltham Forest Council

“As a councillor, Sebastian has fought hard for vulnerable residents who trust him to deliver for them. He’s also led on initiatives to get Labour members more involved in the party, and used his communications expertise to help us connect with residents.

“Sebastian would be a brilliant MP for Gloucester.”

Dr Rowan De Souza

NHS Doctor

“I’ve known Sebastian for more than a decade, and there’s no one I’d trust more to fight for our NHS in Gloucester. He’ll be relentless in pushing for the new hospital that Gloucester deserves.”

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